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It is with great pleasure that I can finally confirm I have joined Playground’s RPG team as a Scriptwriter. The team are fantastic and the company is a dream come true. Here’s to a new adventure!


10/ 07/ 2019

I had the absolute honour of being nominated for a Game Dev Hero award for Writing and Narrative Design amongst some of my own industry heroes. It was a wonderful night had by all and a celebration of some of the best in games development. Thanks guys!

Photos courtesy of Game Dev Heroes and Cormac Thomson.

Photos courtesy of Game Dev Heroes and Cormac Thomson.

Jacob Urantowka  (Audio Designer) and I at the Game Dev Hero Awards.

Jacob Urantowka (Audio Designer) and I at the Game Dev Hero Awards.


Sundown: A Dunkirk Story was featured in the article Playing With History - The forbidden gay love of Sundown: A Dunkirk Story. Thank you Adrian for a fantastic chat. As always it was a pleasure to talk about the themes of the game.

“We wanted to tell a military story that people don’t normally get to hear. Even Nolan’s Dunkirk focused on the men in the moment, and not the complex lives and loose ties they left behind them. Just like Gilbert and Gordon, we didn’t want to define our characters by the war that disrupted their lives and their love. We wanted to explore the men that found themselves in that awful situation, their families, their fears, and their boredom. Most of all we wanted to respectfully hold a candle to Gilbert and Gordon, and all of the other men in their position, who are only now having their stories discovered and accepted.”

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ATONE: Heart of the Elder Tree left New Zealand Games Festival with 3 PAV awards! Excellence in Narrative, Audio, and Visual Design. So proud of the team!



ATONE: Heart of the Elder Tree was featured on the Apple stage during their Monday 25th March keynote and tease event. This was a huge day for Wildboy, and our chance to finally reveal to the world that we were one of a select number of titles to be published on Apple Arcade.

See the live blog and images from the Verge here.

By Dieter Bohn (Verge)

By Dieter Bohn (Verge)

By James Vincent (Verge)

By James Vincent (Verge)


The Sundown team were invited to give a talk at Leeds City Museum about Interactive Fiction and the importance of diverse storytelling. Thanks to West Yorkshire Queer Stories for having us at their brilliant Pride Month celebration.

Jacob Urantowka  (Audio Designer) and  Robin Greenwood  (Concept Artist)

Jacob Urantowka (Audio Designer) and Robin Greenwood (Concept Artist)


FEATURE| Writing The Supernatural.

I was asked to contribute to a wonderful newsletter, one that would discuss approaches to writing the supernatural in games. Thanks to Greg Buchanan for the invite. It’s well worth a read!

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Tag-teaming an AMA with lead writer, Philip Huxley, I had the chance to field some brilliant questions from Dance of Death fans and delve into some of the processes that went into writing the game.


FEATURE| wireframe magazine issue 4.

Download or buy Wireframe Magazine Issue 4 where I discuss my tips on breaking into the industry! Wireframe Digital is free to download, and issues come out twice a month.